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March 6th, 2024 Ghana's 67th Independence Day


Two GNG Members, Maame Afua (Mefia) Adum-Bawuah and Sally Boakye, attended the Ghana Diaspora Public Collective celebration in Washington, DC. on Capital Hill. They met many notable politicians and were able to spread the word about Ghana's Next Generation (GNG).

"The speakers from Congress and other Leaders spoke about different agendas. They are pushing legislation to support Ghana. The one is the visa to allow Ghanaian farmers to get H-2A visas easily; [Another] is to reduce immigration red tape to allow family members to come to America." - Mefia

Sally and Mefia with Gabe Amo, Ghanaian-American Congressman from Rhode Island
Mefia and Salley with Nancy Pelosi, US Representative

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